In 2016 we expect more than 1.000 competitors in 5 different courses

Making It The Most Trusted Trail Running Event In The Region.

Trail Running In A Mild Climate With A Spectacular Views

Our #1 priority is you, the competitor. We believe in our event and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about you, and we’re trying to offer you the best support throughout the race, whichever course you choose. You can count on us.

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Miles of trails

ITRA is a International Trail Running Assocciation. 100 Miles of Istria is a proud member since 2013.

UTMB stand for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. 100 Miles of Istria has been qualificative race since the beggining.

WSER stands for the Western States Endurance Run. 100 Miles of Istria has been one of the qualificative races since 2015.

A great course diversity

The ultratrail race through the most scenic parts of Istria – enchanting stone built villages, mystical woods, tera-rosa stained planes and airy hills with views stretching all the to the Adriatic sea. You will simply fall in love :)

Our great volunteers will cheer you up along the route. It will be hard but it will be very rewarding, we assure you!

Competitor Reviews: We Love our Competitors, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our competitors. Once you enter the event, you will be always in our heart. Check out what our competitors are saying about the race!

“This is the Best marked course I’ve ever ran!”

“One of my favourite races, the course, the volunteers, the organisation, it’s a race not to be missed!” – Jay Aldous (USA)

100 Miles of Istria 2014 overall winner

I really like this race and especially the scenery. It’s a hard race, even for me :)
Francesca Canepa (ITA), 100 Miles of Istria 2015 female winner, 3rd overall
I cannot repeat enough how well organised, well crewed and well marked this race was. Small fluttering red flags scattered around the course almost every 30 meters guided us along paths through the various checkpoints and aid-stations filled with water, cookies, Nutella© bread, sandwiches, salty snacks, carbonised water, coke and even gluten free/dairy free products for the sensitive ones.
Peter Koraca (UK), 65 k competitor
The part of the course that I could see during the day was amazing! It was like running through the history.
Adam G. Hewey (USA), 100 Miles of Istria 2015 - highest ITRA ranked competitor