Love this event…organizers…all of it! Absolutely recommend this race!
Except if you have a cracked rib  I went into the race with a cracked rib and finally called it at 35 miles.
The course offers everything for everyone. Mountains, technical terrain, scenic, fast, and above all a race that embraces the athletes like family! MUST DO!

Denise Bourassa, USA

Fantastic trail, very well organized, handled by nice people, crossing beautiful landscapes and meeting warmth people along the trail. A must.

Aureliano António Vasconcelos, Portugal

Excellent race!
Very well organized, with very nice start package.
To pick up the start package it takes about 1 hour if the queue is long. However while waiting we got the chance to taste local food 
The expo is also very interesting.
The staff was very friendly and very helpful. 
Every refreshment point was great with plenty salty and sweet food.

Jean-Stephane Ridira, Hungary

Everything was absolutely wonderful! My first legit trail race and it was all so smooth from check-in to finish and everyone was friendly and welcoming. Loved it and hope I can come back some day!

Shannon Roper Howard, Germany

Una gara spettacolare in un posto spettacolare!
Meritata l’attenzione dell’UTWT!

Giorgio Simonutti, Italy

Très belle première expérience pour moi. Un parcours magnifique, sauvage, de très bons ravitaillements. Une région d’Europe à découvrir au plus vite…

Fæbrice B'sno, France

It was my first time to join a trail race overseas but everything went well without any concerns or fear due to well-organized race arrangement. I would love to say thank you to all the people involved and strongly claim that everything that I experienced in Croatia was just awesome! I will never forget these great experiences there! love Istria and want to be back soon;)

Mikiko Yatsuhashi, Japan

What a great race! Everything worked like a dream. Everything. Not a one reason even for a small complaint. You did an amazing job! And there’s one thing that I still can’t understand. Route marking. It was something out of this planet! You must have an army of cyborgs who take care of this job 

Jukka Rouhiainen, Finland


Purchase Additional Merchandise After Registration2019-07-15T09:40:54+02:00

After registration, you can add or edit additional purchase items such as merchandise or other optional items.

Note: Additional purchases may only be made after registration if organizers allows this action. If the option is not available, please contact the event organizer directly for help.
Note: Participants registered by others can only view their registration and the option after they Claim Registration in MyEvents. Participants on a group-registration team don’t have this option, please contact the event organizer directly for help.
  1. Login My Events at http://myevents.active.com
  2. Find your registration event, click Purchase merchandise
User-added image
  1. Select desired items
  2. Enter quantities (if applicable)
  3. Click Continue
  4. Enter billing information
  5. Click Complete
Not shown on event’s participant list2019-07-13T15:01:33+02:00

If you have received your event registration confirmation email and/or your credit/debit card has been charged, you have successfully registered for the event.  Our system automatically sends a confirmation to the Event Director once a registration has been processed and they are able to access all of your details to prepare for race day.

Some events will display a list of registered participants on their website.  Please note that this list is generated by the Event Director and it is their responsibility to ensure it is updated in a timely manner.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them directly.

Edit my registration2019-07-15T09:48:38+02:00

Below are instructions for athletes to edit their registration information after logging into ACTIVE.com and accessing My Events at https://myevents.active.com .

Note: The option is only available if the organizer allows this action and the deadline hasn’t been reached. If this option is not available, please contact the organizer for help.
Note: Registrations made by someone else on your behalf (if you are an adult) can be edited by that person or by yourself after you Claim Registration in MyEvents; registrations for those who are part of a group-registration team cannot be edited online.
  1. Locate desired event
  2. Click Edit registration
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  1. Update registration information
  2. Click Continue to view a confirmation message stating that registration information has been updated

The following fields may be adjusted on most online registrations (assuming the event organizers allow edits). All fields are required (by ACTIVE.com or the organizers) unless noted as optional.

  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Day phone (and Ext. )
  • Country
  • Address
  • Address line 2 (optional)
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP / Postal code
  • Emergency contact name (optional)
  • Emergency contact phone (optional)
  • How did you hear about this event? (optional)
Change my event category/course2019-07-13T14:59:22+02:00

Below are instructions to change your event category after accessing My Events at ACTIVE.com.

Note: Please Claim Registration in My Events first. The change category option is only available if the organizer allows this action. If this option is not available, please contact the organizer directly for help.
  1. ​​Find the registration you would like to edit
  2. Click Change category
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  1. Select new category
User-added image
  1. Click Continue
  2. Fill out registration form
  3. Click Continue
  4. Review Order Details and complete order
Note: Category change for registrations made by someone else on your behalf (if you are an adult) can be edited by that person or by yourself after you Claim Registration in MyEvents.
Note: Registrations for those who are part of a group-registration team cannot be changed from participant side, please contact the organizer directly for help.
Note: Participants who have signed up through an express registration cannot be transferred to a different category. Please contact the organizer for help if you are registered through express registration.
Note: Participants can only transfer to a category that is open. If the category you would like to transfer to is sold out or closed, please contact the organizer for further help.
Transfer/Defer registration2019-07-13T14:58:49+02:00
Active.com is unable to authorize transfer or deferment requests for any event registrations. If you want to transfer your registered event to a different one or defer your registration, please contact the event director for assistance.
  • Note: If you are unable to participate, you can just follow these steps to transfer your registration to another individual Transfer My Registration to Someone Else
  • Note: The above transfer option is only available if the organizer allows this action. If this option is not available, transfers may not be allowed (contact the organizers for help).
Transfer my registration to someone else2019-07-13T15:06:17+02:00

Below are instructions for participants to transfer an existing registration to someone else after logging into ACTIVE.com and accessing My Events.

Note: Please Claim Registration in My Events first if you cannot see it in My Events.
Note: The transfer option is only available if the organizer allows this action and the deadline hasn’t been reached. If this option is not available, transfers may not be allowed. Please contact the organizers for help.
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  1. Click Transfer registration
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address at Email address
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address again to confirm at Confirm email address
  4. Click Submit
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A confirmation message appears verifying that the transfer process was initiated. The accepting participant will receive an email inviting them to claim the registration and they may refer to the instructions in the article Accept Registration Transfer.

Note: Registrations for someone below 18 can only be viewed and transferred by the guardian who registered them; registrations made by someone else on your behalf (if you are an adult) can be transferred by that person or by yourself after you Claim Registration in MyEvents; registrations for those who are part of a group-registration team cannot be transferred.

Note: Transfers may only be completed into the same category – if the original registration was for a 5K, the new registration must also be for the 5K. If permitted by the organizer, the new participant may change event categories after the fact.

Note: If a participant transfers categories BEFORE attempting to transfer the registration to someone else, the process cannot be completed.

Note: The newest price is applied at checkout when the recipient accepts the transfer. If the event has a tiered price schedule, the current price could be higher than that for the original participant.

Note: The original registration fee is not refunded until the new participant accepts and completes the transfer process – ACTIVE.com processing fees and/or USAT membership fees (if applicable) are not refunded.

Note: Once the recipient has accepted and completed the transfer, the original registrant will be cancelled and refunded. Refunds are processed within 5-7 business days. If a transfer fee is applied, it will be deducted automatically from the refund. For example, if the original registrant paid $25 and the transfer fee is $5, he/she will be refunded $20. 

Note: The system cannot refund automatically if the original registration was not paid directly (e.g., pre-paid registration, paid with coupon code). Please contact the event organizer for manual transfer in such cases.

Login to Active.com2019-07-13T14:56:40+02:00

In order to login to most ACTIVE Network products, you must already have an ACTIVE Passport – please visit the applicable link below to register/create an account, login, or retrieve your password.

Register/Create Passport
Login with Existing Passport
Retrieve Password
ACTIVE-Passport-Join ACTIVE-Passport-Sign-In ACTIVE-Passport-Forgot

Below are instructions to login to ACTIVE.com with your existing account:

1. Navigate to (and bookmark) http://www.active.com
2. Click Sign in in the upper right-hand corner


3. Enter your ACTIVE Passport username (email address) and password
4. Click Sign In

You will be redirected back to ACTIVE.com. Hover over your name in the upper right-hand corner to access the following items:

– View Profile
– My Events
– Order History
– Upgrade Account (ACTIVE Advantage)
– Settings


Payment methods2019-07-13T14:55:47+02:00

When registering online, you must pay in full with a credit or debit card.

Mostly, we accept below card types:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Debit card

In most cases, American Express, Discover, Visa Electron, Maestro and eCheck (ECP,EUDD,ELV) is also accepted. We do not accept Cash and Check.

Note: Not all the card types are accepted for registration. American Express doesn’t support Australian Dollar​. The payment methods are decided by the event organizer and may vary among different events. If you would like to register using a form of payment that we do not accept, please contact the event organizer directly for registration payment alternatives.

Sign waiver2019-07-13T14:41:52+02:00

A waiver informs participants of potential risks associated with an activity. By signing the waiver, participants agree to assume responsibility for foreseen and unforeseen risks. All participants over 18 need to sign a waiver for event registration.

Note: Some events do not have waiver option.
Sign Waiver while Online Registration

If you are registering yourself, you should sign the waiver while online registration in the Waivers and agreementssection.

  1. Enter registration form information
  2. Check box beside I agree to the applicable Waiver
  3. Enter name beside Electronic signature

User-added image

Sign Waiver after Registration
If you are registered by others, after the registration is completed, you should receive an email in subject Reminder: Sign your waivers for XXXXXX. You need to click Sign your waivers hyperlink contained in this email to sign your waiver.
  1. Click hyperlink in email
  2. Check boxes beside I agree to the applicable waivers
  3. Enter name beside electronic signature​
  4. Enter last name beside Last name
  5. Enter email address beside  Email address
  6. Enter date of birth beside Date of birth
  7. Click Submit
waiver page
Note: If you do not receive the reminder email to sign your waiver, please contact us by emailing support@active.com
 to resend your registration confirmation email which also contains a link to sign your waiver.
Registering someone else below 182019-07-14T22:56:29+02:00

Below are steps to register someone else below 18 (i.e. a minor) for an event on Active.com:

  1. Access event registration page from Active.com or event’s website
  2. On Select Category page, select desired category
  3. Click Continue
  • Note: you will be asked to input email address if you don’t have an Active.com account or are not logged in.
  1. At Select participant section on Complete Form page, select Someone else, below 18
  2. Verify or complete your information as guardian, and confirm your identity by checking Relationship box
  3. Complete the minor participant’s information and other fields below