The new, 8th edition brings many changes so these are some of them explained:

  1. NEW REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT SYSTEM – after seven years, it was decided that the old registration system will be abandoned because, although is very suitable for smaller events, it just couldn’t support our need any more. The new partner is and now the registration and payment process is very simple. The biggest change from the last edition is that you can’t just register yourself without the successful payment. The other interesting features are as follows:
    • you can change your personal data by yourself
    • you can switch your registration between different courses by yourself
    • you can transfer your registration to other competitor by yourself
  2. THE NEW COURSE – 20k |140 m – planned from the beginning, now the time has come to organize this short course which is suitable for absolute beginners as an entrance to the trail running world, sharing the same course as the world’s best trail runners. It will start from Grožnjan and it will follow the course till finish line in Umag and you will have to finish it in 4 hours.
  3. RED COURSE CHANGE – the length and the ascent/descent remains the same but the course significantly changed in the first and third quarter. Overall idea of the course change was to create one course which all races will use. For the RED course, the competitors will now see more of Kvarner bay, they will visit old town Mošćenice, descent to Mošćenička draga,where the new aid station is situated and then they will have to climb the sharp ascent back to top of Učka, similar as the first part of BLUE course. We call it “a new filter” 🙂 From Buzet, RED course will omit Kotle and Hum and will continue straight to Butoniga lake and forward to Umag. Aid station Motovun and aid staion Oprtalj now merge into one aid station, situated in Livade.
  4. BLUE COURSE CHANGE – well, 110 km are no longer enough. The new course is now 127 km long due to a course change on a section between Buzet and Oprtalj. The BLUE course will omit old castle Pietrapelosa (along with the river crossing :)) and Village of Zrenj. INstead, the course will go straight to Butoniga lake and for the first time it will pass through Zamask, Motovun and Livade. The cumulative ascent also changed, from the last year’s 4.394 m, now the cumulative ascent will be 4.940 m, bringing 5 ITRA/UTMB points to the finishers. The time limit changed according to the overall length change, so you will have 34 hours to finish this demanding course.
  5. GREEN and YELLOW course will remain the same as before.
  6. NEW PARTNERS – due to a course change, there are two new race partners – Kvarner tourist board and municipality of Mošćenička draga

We hope that you will enjoy on this new and updated courses next April!